$25 Healing Special

Land Healing and Connection

Tuesday, August 23, 4pm Pacific Time

Come into harmony with the land where you live!

For our ancestors, being in right relationship and grace with the land was one of their deepest and most central concerns.  Let me help you access that wisdom and alignment.

In the modern time, people don’t ask the guardians and spirits of the land for their blessings to build homes and other structures.  Blessings and offerings aren’t made to the land when people come to live upon it.  At best, these leaves us disconnected from the magic and protection of the land guardians.  At worst, we live on land that is actively annoyed with the presence of people.

Happily, these kind of relationships can usually be improved and repaired.  This healing will work with land healing where you live.  I will ask the guardian of the land to watch over and protect you.

In addition, you’ll receive an .mp3 with information about how you can come into right relationship with your land guardian and sustain and nurture that flow.  While the gifts of the modern era lessen our vulnerability in the natural world, I would argue that the health and well-being of our soul is still deeply affected by right relationship to the land we live upon.

The format: Just sign up for the healing. On the day of the healing, I’ll do the journey at the appointed time. You’re invited to come into stillness while the journey is happening, but it’s not required. After the journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 with details about the work.

Limit: 22 people (Once healing is sold out, I’ll remove the sign up link and note “sold out”.  If the link is live, there’s still room for you!)

Want to hear about upcoming $25 healings before anyone else, including my mailing list? If you’ve joined at least one $25 healing in the last year (or as soon as you sign up for this one), you can sign up for the “First Dibs” mailing list by emailing me directly.  There’s no obligation to sign up and you can opt out any time.  Since I’m limiting sign ups for each healing, I want give the people who are most interested the option of an early sign up.  In fact, if you join the first dibs list and sign up within 48 hours from the time I send the email, I will guarantee you a spot even if I need to offer a second journey to accommodate everyone who signs up within that time frame.

Cost: $25