Star Beings

Our human family is attracting the attention and guidance from beings that are committed to assisting Earth’s Children as we transition to higher frequencies of spirituality.

Imagine an “energy angel” that protects you, empowers your abilities to shield yourself from unwanted influences and helps you amplify your own psychic and other abilities. Your Star Being assists you in understanding and working with your own energy and energetic connections, enhancing your sense of your human self as a very important individual aspect of your entire soul, always connected to the Whole, yet precious as an incarnation here on Earth.

Power Animals

An expert from “Practical Shamanism, A Guide for Walking in Both Worlds”

Power animals are spirit guides in animal form. When they aren’t helping their person, power animals are found in Lower World. Even if someone never journeys in shamanic reality, they still have one or more power animals. It is believed that when a child is born, a benevolent spirit in animal form looks at the infant and sees how helpless they are. That spirit takes pity on the child and becomes their ally and protector. Often a person’s power animal will be an animal that they have a strong affinity for. When someone collects bear or horse figures, it’s a good bet that that animal is their power animal.