Terms of Service

All suggestions and information are intended for personal growth and exploration only.  My work and website do not provide professional medical advice, counseling, or psychological treatment.  I am not a licensed psychologist or healthcare professional. As such, I am not providing healthcare, medical or therapy services or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any physical, mental, or emotional issue.

Therefore, I can’t take any responsibility for your outcomes or results or any harm or damage you suffer as a result of the use, or non-use of the information available on this website, provided in sessions, or in any other place my writing, recordings, and/or videos appear. Please use your judgment and conduct due diligence before taking any action, including receiving services from me, implementing any plan or practice suggested or recommended, and/or in integrating new information into your worldview.

No Money Back Guarantee

I don’t make any guarantees about the results of my work or recommendations. I share educational and informational resources as well as energetic interventions per my shamanic training that are intended to help you succeed. You need to know that your ultimate outcomes will be the result of your own efforts, your particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond my knowledge and control.

So please check in with yourself and make sure you’re clear about your choice to work with me and willing to take responsibility for that decision before booking or signing up for an offer. Admittedly, it’s highly unusual for me to get a request for a refund following a session.  I believe I’ve had only one in the past three years and delivered nearly a thousand individual sessions in that timeframe.  I still want you to have the information up front so you can decide ahead of time if that works for you.  That being said, if you cancel at least 48 hours before your session, I’m happy to issue a full refund minus the paypal fees.

If you’re on the fence, I’d invite you to hold off booking until you have clarity about the decision.  My podcast is a great way to get to know me better and feel into whether I’d be the right person to support you.  I’ve also provide a great deal of information on my website and on my YouTube channel.  Hopefully this will support you whether you decide to go forward in working with me one on one or not.  While there’s a powerful impact in shifting to a more fundamental wholeness at the soul level, it’s not a magic bullet that can be expected to instantly resolve long standing emotional or psychological issues.  Sometimes there is a significant improvement in those areas overnight, but more often, the soul retrieval provides a foundation that means that other efforts to heal mind and body have greater results.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, including additional services.

If you’ve read my website and have questions about what my work will and won’t provide, please contact me before booking.