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Would you like to be held in sacred space by my guides and receive shamanic healing on an ongoing basis?
Just $5/month

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If you subscribe on Patreon at the $5 or above level, you will be placed within the scope of my concern and support. While on a transpersonal level, I hope that all beings may be well, I must be invited to and in alignment to support an individual with my personal intent and shamanic team of guides. Becoming a patron of my work puts you within the circle of those people for whom I invite energy and shamanic support to flow.

My shamanic connection provides an incredible wellspring of information. In recent years, I’ve noticed turning away from inspiration for content because of the time and energy that goes into my directly paying work. My fondest hope with this endeavor is to create a win-win that allows me to develop exclusive content for people who want to receive it.

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For those who enjoy more info here are some FAQ:

Does it really work at a distance?
Indeed. I do all my work over phone and I get great results and feedback. In fact, many clients feel relief as soon as they commit to working with me.

Couldn’t I just ask my guides for healing?
Absolutely! Please do! What I bring to the table is the ability to more deeply and fully anchor that intention and to create a stronger pathway for the healing energy to move from spirit to you. While I’m not good at a number of endeavors (like getting things like tents into their original packaging or athletic team sports), I’m very good at directing large amounts of energy with my intention. There are so many guides ready and available to help with healing and my work helps to create a strong and dynamic bridge between those helpers and you.