Heal, Awaken, and Activate your Energy Body .mp3 offer


One of my most powerful intensive programs is “Heal, Awaken, and Activate your Energy Body” (See program details at: https://www.handsoverheart.com/shamanic-training/intensive-programs/

For June only, I’m offering the .mp3 recordings for this program “a la carte.”  I feel a number of people I work with would benefit from the material, but not everyone has the budget either in time or money to go through the full program.  That being said, if you feel called to do the full program at a later time, you can apply the full payment from this offer to the intensive.

It’s my answer to teaching the fundamentals of understanding and keeping your energy body healthy and vibrant.  My whole childhood would have been dramatically changed if someone had taught me these things.  The information is the culmination of more than 15 years of study and practice.

The offer includes nine .mp3 topics.  Each .mp3 will provide training around an aspect of creating a vibrant, healthy energy body. For the guided journeys, I include an explanation of the work, an extended version of the journey, and a 5 minutes-or-less version. Once you understand how to work with certain practices, you can do them very quickly with excellent results.

In addition, you’ll receive the .mp3 recordings from the in-person “Thriving with Energetic Sensitivity” class.

Cost: $100